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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use an illustration created with FireAlpaca for a business purpose?

Yes, no problem. Any illustration created with FireAlpaca can be used for any purposes.

Who owns the copyright of illustration created with FireAlpaca?

It is an artist who created the illustration.

Can I create merchandise using FireAlpaca character and sell them?

It is prohibited to create merchandise using FireAlpaca character and logo without permission. Please contact us beforehand.

Can I share a screenshot image that contains FireAlpaca program?

Yes, please feel free to use images for a tutorial textbook, an article, blog post, SNS such as Twitter, and so on.

Terms of service

Please read these terms carefully before using FireAlpaca ("freeware", or "service") provided by PGN Inc. ("us", "we", or "our"). If you use our service, you agree to all of the terms listed below. Your download of this freeware and use of the service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not download the service.

  • License

    FireAlpaca is a freeware that does not require payment of any license fee for both individual users and commercial use.
  • Copyright

    This freeware, its content and intellectual property are copyright of PGN Inc.
  • Distribution

    Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited. You shall not, except with our written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content in any other website, magazine, or publication.
  • Prohibited acts

    Users shall not conduct the following:
    • Redistribution of software
    • About the redistribution of software
    • Other acts that bring detriment to our company
  • Termination of service

    If, for any reason, we believe that you have not complied with these terms of service, we may, at our sole discretion, cancel your use of FireAlpaca immediately and without prior notice.
  • Discontinuation of service

    We may discontinue a part of or an entire freeware without prior notice. We are not liable for any detriments including, but not limited to, loss of production, loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of data, or any other business or economic disadvantage caused by the discontinuation.
  • Limitation of liability

    We are not legally responsible for a malfunction of this freeware and are not obligated to repair it whatsoever. The use of the software downloaded through our site is done at your own discretion and risk and with agreement that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from such activities.
  • Amendment to terms

    We may amend the terms of service at any time without prior notice. The amended terms shall take effect when it is posted on our website.

FireAlpaca Update History

FireAlpaca Ver 2.10.2(2023/04/28)

  • Fixed a fatal bug where changing canvas resolution, overwrite, Undo, overwrite and save would save the canvas before Undo.
Past Update History


  • When a layer is partially moved, the partial movement is confirmed by releasing the selected area.
  • Faster loading of MDP files.


  • The brush drawing experience has been greatly improved (Windows).
  • When reading/writing PSD files, layer masks in PSD files and mask layers in MDP files are now converted to each other.
  • Added a display magnification slider to the navigator.
  • Fixed a bug that caused files to always be exported at 72 dpi.
  • Disabled shape symmetry setting for lasso fill.
  • Fixed a bug in the Add Brush menu.
  • Fixed a problem with roller brushes when drawing straight lines.
  • Shortcut keys can now be set for gradient maps, background transparency colors, and flipping layers left/right and up/down.


  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when using the lasso selection tool.


  • Added an option (delete all layers) to the eraser.
  • Added symmetry option to shape fill tool.
  • Fixed bug with italic text.


  • Added option to color menu to restore foreground and background colors on startup.
  • You can now double the border of the text layer (in response to requests from VTubers).
  • Added noise filter.
  • Added presets to channel operation filters.
  • Fixed a problem with symmetrical brush rendering when a layer is hidden in the upper left corner.
  • "Draft" has been added to "Properties" in the Layer menu.
  • Added "Merge Layers" menu to the layer list popup.
  • Fixed to make the toolbar as unhidden as possible (macOS).


  • The lasso painting (closed area) tool has been speeded up.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash during transform operations when selecting multiple layers.


  • Added lasso fill tool (with option to paint only closed areas).
  • Improved the shape quality of the lasso selection tool.


  • Negative-positive inversion filter added.
  • Monochrome filter added.
  • Added histogram display to level correction filter.
  • Fixed a bug that slowed down the rendering of frame material.
  • Changed the color of the mask display outside the selected area.


  • When using Wintab, when opening the new creation dialog or environment setting dialog from the menu using the stylus, the pen pressure sensing problem after that (it disappears once the stylus is released) has been fixed.
    I'm sorry for the bug in version 2.8.5, which claims to have "fixed a stylus-related bug".


  • Fixed a problem when using a stylus.
  • Improved quality of eraser processing when using soft edges.
  • When transforming a layer, the angle is now displayed.
  • Improved brush drawing with layer transparency protected.


  • A "Bucket Erase" option has been added to the Bucket tool to erase areas.
  • Added "Composite by Opacity" mode to onion skin display mode.
  • When using TabletPC, a bug that sometimes caused the canvas display to rotate during pen operation may have been fixed.


  • Brush post-processing function has been enhanced.
  • ACO color palette files can now be read (RGB, grayscale only).
  • Fixed a display problem with icons in the 3D Perspective window.
  • Drag zoom can now be disabled.
  • Text layers can now be merged into a 32 bpp layer.


  • Improved quality of spreading brush around 1px wide degraded.
  • Improved the drawing feel of the scatter brush.
  • Animated GIF export quality has been improved.
  • Added "Material Random" option to bitmap brush.
  • Fixed a bug that caused all windows to be displayed at startup (2.8.1).
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when moving a halftone 8bpp layer by parts.


  • Fixed a problem when drawing shapes with the dot brush.
  • Fixed a bug where window positions were not being saved properly.
  • Brush spacing accuracy has been improved.
  • Added "Select Foreground Color Range" to the Selection menu.


  • Tool icon design changed.
  • Font shapes can now be listed when editing text.
  • Rectangles and ellipses in the Shape Brush can now have their aspect ratios fixed with the Shift key.
  • Added square and circle to the shape brush
  • Brush store display icon has been added to the brush window
  • Fixed a problem with scatter brushes (ss-soft pencils, etc.)
  • Fixed a bug when rotating the canvas 90 degrees (sometimes preventing brush painting).


  • Fixed a bug that slowed down brush drawing when zoomed in.
  • Improved layer deformation behavior.


  • Fixed a bug that crashes when moving the frame back and forth during transformation operation in animation mode.
  • Improved the behavior of scatter brushes and roller brushes.
  • Improved the dialog display when exporting an ICO file.
  • Improved bucket and autoselect expansion values from -3 to +3.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for layer menus.


  • The maximum value of brush stabilization has been changed from 40 to 100.
  • Fixed a bug in the divide grid display.
  • Improved behavior when entering numerical values.
  • Added bs_setmode( 2 ) to the brush script. (This mode does not take into account the blending of the brush, but paints directly on the layer.)


  • JPE extensions are now supported.
  • Added layer-related keyboard shortcuts.
  • Save warning bug after editing layer properties has been fixed.


  • It is now possible to set antialiasing for individual brushes.
  • Improved the deviation of the coordinate display when using the brush tool.
  • Other minor corrections.


  • Added "Division" to grid settings.
  • Improved transformation anchor display in high dpi desktop environment.
  • Fixed a bug when specifying a layer color.
  • Fixed a bug when using a dropper containing semi-transparent pixels.
  • Allow canvas cropping to be canceled.


  • Fixed a fatal bug that caused a crash after deleting the bottom brush, after which the application could not be launched.


  • Added Tile Symmetry Brush "Half Drop".
  • Improved tile symmetry brush.
  • Onion skin display color can now be specified.
  • Adjusted the width of the scroll bar at high dpi (Windows)


  • Added custom gradient feature.
  • Add a gradient map filter.
  • Multiple layers can now be copied while they are selected.
  • Integrated images can now be copied (Edit menu).
  • Export in ICO file format.
  • Added the ability to add brushes from canvas images (integrated canvas, multiple materials per layer).
  • Fixed a bug when specifying watercolor edge.
  • BigSur, Monterey support launch ads and brush store display (macOS).


  • Improved layer opacity adjustment UI.
  • Layer opacity can now be changed by clicking on the layer opacity label.
  • Opacity is now displayed in the layer list.
  • Improved the brush preview display of brush script.
  • Improved the behavior of circle snap and curve snap.
  • Added support for dragging to fill the bucket tool continuously.
  • Brushes can now be imported and exported as files from the Brushes menu.


  • A bug that caused the canvas to rotate unexpectedly when using a TabletPC stylus may now be fixed (Windows).
  • Faster saving of MDP files.
  • Speed up the blur brush.
  • Speeded up the Gaussian Blur filter.


  • Fixed a problem where the 1px button on a layer could be pressed while transforming the layer, causing the layer in the transformed area to disappear.
  • Improved the position of the scroll bar when switching between the brush tool and eraser tool.
  • Layer colors can now be specified using RGB values.


  • The brush processing was drastically changed in 2.6.0, but due to many bug reports, the processing has been reverted to the way it was in 2.5.9.
  • Added "Open the Auto Backup Folder" function to the File menu.
  • Fixed a bug in brush script processing.
  • After adding a 3D perspective, the tool is automatically switched so that it can be operated immediately.
  • The "Add Koma Material" button is added to the tool options of the Divide Tool.


  • Fixed a bug in text operation with the stylus when using TabletPC (Windows).


  • Fixed a bug that brush accuracy and followability were reduced in 2.6.0 and 2.6.1.
  • Fixed a bug in the tone curve filter.
  • The base point of the brush script can now be reset (Brush menu).
  • The brush store can be displayed from the brush menu.


  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when pressing the alpaca and pixiv buttons.


  • The brush processing has been drastically changed so that the coordinates of brush strokes will not be missed.
  • In animation mode, non-displayed frames are no longer merged.


  • Added support for layer transformation and partial movement when multiple layers are selected.
  • Supports filtering by selecting multiple layers (some are not supported).
  • Supports layer type (bpp) conversion by selecting multiple layers.
  • Added support for foreground layer color application when multiple layers are selected.
  • Speeded up the process of grouping multiple layers into folders.
  • Changed to keep the original file name when saving with date.
  • Fixed a bug where animation autoplay was slow.


  • Fixed a crash when trying to open and close the properties of a layer in the animation folder in animation mode.


  • Added the Animation menu and moved the animation functions there.
  • It is now possible to specify the display time of each frame during auto-playback (set in Layer Properties).
  • APNG and GIF output now reflects the display time of the frame.
  • Fixed a bug in which the background color was not applied during autoplay.
  • Improved processing when scaling images.


  • Fixed a problem with layer transformation when flipping left and right.
  • When transforming a layer, Ctrl+T can be used to confirm.
  • Improved cursor size for high dpi displays.
  • Other minor improvements.


  • Guide lines are now displayed when using symmetrical brushes (Brush tool option).
  • Fixed a bug when saving overwrites (if you are using 2.5.0 to 2.5.4, please update).


  • Added symmetrical brush function (some brush types are not supported).
  • Speed up bitmap brush and scatter brush.
  • Backup limit for autosave changed to 30 files.
  • Loop count can now be specified for APNG output.
  • Fixed the pressure failure in brush script.


  • Fixed a bug in which overwriting and saving MDP files sometimes failed.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented brush textures from being applied to scatter brushes, etc.


  • Added a new brush type, the Scatter Mix Brush.
  • Fixed a problem where layers in a folder were not updated when overwriting after transforming the folder.
  • Fixed a bug in the canvas display.


  • Added support for UI display in high dpi environments (Windows)
  • Improved response to multi-touch operations (Windows)
  • Fixed a bug in saving and loading window positions (conventional window settings will be reset once).
  • Dramatically accelerated overwriting and saving of MDP files.
  • Added a setting to prevent infinite loop when outputting animated GIFs and APNGs.


  • Textures can now be applied to bitmaps and scatter brushes.
  • Improved the interpolation shape of brush strokes.
  • Fixed a bug when swapping multiple layers.
  • Fixed a bug when changing canvas resolution.


  • Improved the brush processing bug.
  • Improved processing when changing canvas resolution.
  • When cropping or changing the resolution of the canvas, the brush snap coordinates are now also linked.


  • Optimized brush processing.
  • Improved the behavior when using the selection pen tool.
  • Fixed a bug in calling the last () function in brush scripts.
  • Fixed a bug in the animation function.


  • Fixed a bug when using a brush script.
  • Added debug output function to brush script editor.
  • The bs_debug_log() function can now output a string to the brush script editor (see Sample 5).


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the last() function from working in some cases in brush scripts.
  • Fixed a bug in the brush script editor.


  • Added the Clear Through function.
  • When confirming polygons and curves, it is now confirmed not only by double-clicking but also by long-pressing.
  • You can now dropper the color from the active layer as well.
  • Added the setting of the eyedropper tool.
  • Fixed a problem with missing layers when snapping with a smudge or color mixing brush.
  • Other minor improvements.


  • Now you can download brush materials and easily add high quality brushes (see here for details).
  • Texture is now applied to the brushes to create a richly textured look.
  • Added preset brushes.
  • Improved the behavior of the dot tool.
  • Fixed a bug in the selection pen.
  • Improved quality when drawing shapes.
  • The bug of transparency protection of Japanese pattern filter has been fixed.


  • A function to save workspace images has been added to the alpaca button.
  • Fixed an issue with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed a bug that the canvas that loaded APNG was in an unstable state.


  • Animation can now be exported as animated GIFs
  • You can now open files from recently used folders
  • Added Transform / Free Transform / Mesh Transform buttons to the options bar
  • Added support for showing/hiding layer shortcut keys
  • You may have been able to fix a bug where COM Surrogate locks a file and prevents it from being overwritten (Windows)


  • Fixed a bug in the Shift key snapping when using the move tool


  • Fixed a bug in the text tool that occurred when fixing 2.3.14


  • Fixed a bug in multi-touch processing when using the move tool (Windows)
  • Improved blending mode when grouping multiple layers into folders


  • Import and export of APNG format PNG files is now possible
  • Improved layer folder transformation when a hidden layer is included


  • Fixed a bug that the speed of script type brush was slow.
  • Improved the layer display when moving from the menu to the previous/next frame with the animation function.


  • Animation tab has been added to the new dialog.
  • Improved the color management display in the new dialog.
  • Changed "Onion skin mode" in the display menu to "Animation mode".
  • Fixed a bug that the animation auto play dialog goes behind the main window (macOS version).
  • Improved the behavior of the launch advertisement dialog.
  • Improved the behavior of layer insert operation.
  • Bitmap brush quality improved.


  • You can now work while leaving the auto play window of the onion skin function open.
  • Improved accuracy of the frame rate during auto-playback.
  • Fixed a problem where the screen would flicker immediately after drawing a brush.


  • Improved drawing quality of bitmap brushes.
  • When adding a brush script, get the brush name from the default_name function (if it doesn't exist, it will be the file name).


  • Fixed text rotation slider bug
  • Rotate text layer from menu
  • Support for the shortcut keys F13 to F24


  • Rotation support for text layers
  • Enabled to add preset brushes individually from the add brush button
  • Eraser list added
  • Color palettes can now be saved and loaded to a file
  • Fixed a bug after selecting a group in the color palette
  • Enabled the wheel operation when using the shape brush tool


  • Added random rotation option per stroke (random rotation 2) (bitmap, bitmap watercolor)
  • Added an option to zero the pen pressure on both ends of the brush stroke
  • Supports multiple groups of color palettes
  • Added the ability to delete all palettes in a group
  • Large palette display
  • Corresponds to the wheel operation during drag operation in the selection/fill tool
  • Improved the behavior of the file save dialog
  • Fixed a bug in the reference window
  • Improved behavior when using Windows Tablet


  • Changed the blend when adding a layer folder to "normal" (because there are many reports that clipping cannot be done). You can also change from the environment setting to "through".
  • You can now import the contents of the clipboard into the document window
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes occurs when brush drawing directly on the canvas while another window is active


  • Fixed an issue with the eye-dropper tool on Windows Tablet
  • Modifier key status is now displayed on the status bar
  • Some other small improvements


  • Fixed a problem that occurred after double-clicking a canvas.
  • Move tool bug fixed.
  • Wait cursor blinking problem fixed.
  • Added message display when saving PSD files.


  • Fixed a problem with the SaveAs dialog
  • Improved the rasterization options dialog
  • Fixed behavior when selecting a tool
  • Fixed the behavior when executing the menu


  • Fixed a bug in the installer (problem with a DLL for thumbnails)
  • Blends can now be specified when composing a brush
  • Fixed an issue with brush size display.


  • Improved multi-touch processing (Windows)
  • Fixed the problem of not being able to draw with a finger on touch screen (Windows)
  • Improved brush drawing performance
  • Improved move tool
  • Improvement of selection display


  • "Save As (Specify Date)" was added to the file menu.


  • Fixed a bug of text edge color setting
  • Fixed a bug in the eraser processing of the surface pen
  • Added a brush setting that may be improved if the start of brush drawing is delayed when using a specific pen tablet (Check "Start brushing at the moment pressure is detected" in brush environment settings) (Windows)


  • Fixed a bug that the default font of text was not saved
  • Panel no longer squeezes windows when layer deforms
  • Speed up layer transformation
  • Fixed a bug where the eraser button on Surface Pen was not available (Windows)


  • Fixed a bug in layer merge
  • Fixed a bug where brush drawing was done outside the selected range (macOS)


  • Improved behavior when adding layers
  • Changed the minimum width of the brush control window
  • Improved application termination processing
  • Fixed the display error of the gear icon in the layer window
  • Improved the opacity setting bug of the layer window


  • Fixed a problem with the eraser process using the buttons on the pen tablet


  • You can now color the edges of text.
  • Malfunction of gradient tool has been fixed.
  • Maximum brush size changed to 2000 pixels.
  • Fixed bug in file association. (macOS)


  • You can now color the edges of text.
  • Malfunction of gradient tool has been fixed.
  • Maximum brush size changed to 2000 pixels.
  • Fixed bug in file association. (macOS)


  • Fixed a bug that prevented OpenType fonts from being used.
  • Fixed a bug when size was specified below the decimal point when editing a text layer.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Open As a New Layer" feature was disabled.
  • "Open As a New Layer" function now supports MDP files.


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when executing a new view on the canvas.


  • 8 bit layer can be displayed halftone.
  • Added support for rotation display during multi-touch (Can be disabled from Environment Settings).
  • Units can now be specified in the canvas resolution dialog.
  • You can now specify opacity with the dot brush tool.
  • Improved display of Eyedropper information.
  • You can now select the Pen Preessure API to use. (Windows)
  • Added "Edge Pen 2" (Edge Pen that specifies the edge width in pixels)
  • Added "Subtract" and "Exclude" to layer blend mode.
  • Thumbnails are now displayed when hovering over layer folder icons.
  • The preview image (the contents of the folder) is displayed in the property display dialog of the layer folder.
  • It is now possible to set "Pressure Correction”and“Stabilization”for each brush.
  • "Alpaca button" can be hidden (from Environment Settings).
  • Added the function to post to "pixiv Sketch".


  • Color management function has been improved.
  • Brush script editor has been added (Help menu).
  • Malfunction of brush processing has been fixed.


  • Bug fixed.


  • Malfunction of watercolor edge has been fixed.


  • Bug fixed.


  • Malfunction of roller brush has been fixed.
  • Flip folder horizontally/vertically has been implemented.


  • Malfunction of Tonecurve filter has been fixed.


  • Bug fixed.


  • New brush type "Mix" has been added.
  • Bug fixed.


  • Lens blur filter has been added.
  • Multi touch function (TabletPC) has been implemented. (Windows)
  • Bug fixed.


  • Bug fixed.
  • Brush processing has been improved.


  • Japanese pattern filter has been added.


  • Malfunction of layer blend ("Color" blend) has been fixed.


  • Bucket tool has been improved ("Tolerance" option has been added).
  • Unsharp mask filter has been added.


  • Motion blur filter has been added.
  • Concentrated Line filter has been added.


  • An error with the brush size selection window has been fixed.
  • At cropping the canvas size, you can now choose to delete or keep the outside of the canvas.


  • Brush size selection window has been added.
    - Size can be changed by right click.
  • The smallest brush size is now 0.1 px.
  • Preserving a brush setting at saving and reading-in a file is available.
    - You can set up by right click on the brush list.
  • The preset brush list has been improved.
  • Clipping processing error has been fixed.
  • A gap between a brush cursor and an actual drawing at rotation has been fixed.


  • Bug fixed.


  • Bug fixed.


  • Color Management function has been added.
    - RGB/CMYK Profile can be specified at "Create New Image".
    - Profile can be applied from "View" menu.
    - A preview of CMYK output is available by turning on "CMYK Soft Proof".
    - Color Profile will be embedded to MDP file.
    - Reading/writing ICC Profile with a PSD file is now supported.
    - Reading-in ICC Profile with a JPEG/PNG file is now supported.
  • Creating a PSD file with CMYK format is available.
    - You can operate from the "File" menu with CMYK Soft Proof turned on.
  • Roller (Ribbon) Brush function has been added.
  • "Fill in Gaps" option has been added to Bucket tool.
  • The program getting frozen when inserting multiple layers has been fixed.


  • Please uninstall 2.0.0 prior to installing 2.0.1. (Windows)
  • A file required for the computer environment that cannot start FireAlpaca has been added. (Windows)
  • A bug caused the default brush naming error has been fixed. (Windows)
  • MDP file saving process has been improved.


  • 64bit version is available for Windows.
  • Selecting multiple layers is available.
    - Select multiple layers by holding down the Shift key and clicking layers.
    - Invert the selection by holding down the Control key and clicking a layer.
    - Layer folder function to organize multiple layers has been added.
  • Hue filter error has been fixed.
  • Prior and post frames with Onion Skin Mode can be turned off.
  • Saving and reading-in of a MDP file has been improved its stability.


  • Onion skin function has been improved.


  • Bug fixed.


  • Malfunction of Hue filter has been fixed.
  • Mask/Stencil function has been improved.


  • "Divide" blend has been added.
  • Malfunction of "Duplicate layer folder" has been fixed.


  • Malfunction of Navigator has been fixed.


  • Brush performance has been improved.
  • Small fix.


  • Malfunction of Navigator has been fixed.


  • Small fix.


  • Performance improved.
  • Small fix.ded.


  • Tone Curve, Channel Operation, Chromatic Aberration Filter has been added.


  • Mask Layer function has been added("Layer" > "Add Mask(8bit)").
  • Stencil Layer function has been added("Layer" > "Add Stencil(8bit)").
  • Small fix.


  • Bug fixed.


  • Bug fixed.


  • Memory consumption has decreased.
  • Gradient Tool has been improved.
  • Text Tool has been improved.


  • Layer Property Icon (Gear Icon) has been added.


  • Supported stylus input from TabletPC API (Surface, raytrektab, etc)
  • Dilation/Erosion Selection has been improved.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Brush Correction (Stabilizer) has been improved.
  • Malfunction of Brush Script has been fixed.


  • Malfunction of Navigator has been fixed.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • The "Mesh Transform" performance has been improved.
  • The display quality of "Transform" and "Mesh Transform" has been improved.
  • The support for the HUION tablets error is available from "Preferences".
  • The preset brush has been updated.


  • Mesh transform has been added.
  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Some function has been improved.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Brush option has been added.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Watercolor Edge has been added.


  • Newfunction has been added.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • The image quality designation method at Layer Transform (Ctrl+T) has been changed:
    - Nearest Neighbor (It will create jaggy)
    - Bilinear (It transforms smoothly)
    - Bicubic (It maintains the sharpness after the multiple transform but increases the load)
  • Error at reading-in the PSD file has been fixed.
  • Stability has been improved.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Reference window has been added.
  • Auto-drawing function with the active brush along the curve snap has been added.
  • More cloud and sand pattern filters have been added.
  • Few minor errors have been fixed.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.
  • Preset brush added.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • You are able to open the AlpacaDouga website when outputting layers in a sequential order.
  • The performance of the layer selection menu with the Onion Skin mode has been modified.


  • Added the pattern brush and bitmap brush.
  • Free Transform to a folder is available. *applicable to 1, 8, 32 bpp layers.
  • Perspective adjustment at Free Transform is available.
  • Added the Onionskin display mode.
  • Added the PNG output function with layer sequential numbers **with the onionskin mode.
  • Added the Layer Auto Replay function with the onionskin mode.
  • Changed the User Interface color scheme to the blue base.
  • Moved "Filter" to an independent menu.
  • Lock function for the color palette is available.
  • Fixed several bugs.


  • The stability has been improved.
  • An installer error in the WindowsXP environment has been fixed.
    - The thumbnail display with the MDP format in the WindowsXP environment is not supported.


  • Shortcut key edit function has been added.
    - "Option (individual) +Key" is not available for the Mac version.
  • The Navigation error after applying rotation has been fixed.
  • Translation status other than Japanese and English has been improved.
  • An error of straight line with Brush Script has been fixed.
  • A file thumbnail will be available in explorer (for Windows only).


  • Shortcut key edit function has been added.
    - "Option (individual) +Key" is not available for the Mac version.
  • The Navigation error after applying rotation has been fixed.
  • Translation status other than Japanese and English has been improved.
  • An error of straight line with Brush Script has been fixed.
  • A file thumbnail will be available in explorer (for Windows only).


  • Background color setting is available per an image.
  • Background color can be specified.
  • Image size history at creating a new document will be saved.
  • Process of saving a file in a JPEG format has been improved.
  • "Select from Center" and "Constrain Proportions" options has been added to Select and Fill tools.
  • Templates for comic at creating a new document have been added.
  • A comic frame material can be added.
  • Frame Split tool has been added.


  • "Fade In/Out" option has been added to the Brush(Pen) function.
  • Error with canceling Polygon selection by right-click has been fixed.
  • Saving a PNG format has been improved.
  • Brush Editor Dialogue bug has been fixed.


  • More functions have been added to Brush Group.
  • Navigator Rotation Angle Bar can be displayed all the time. (setup under "Preferences")
  • Automatic scroll of Brush List is available.
  • Fingertip tool bug has been fixed.


  • It is now compatible to brush script (script control brush).
  • Preset brush for brush script has been added.
    - Marker, Symmetry, Analog-Pen, etc..
    - Brush script is quite flexible so please use wisely.
  • The max. size of brush is extended to 1000 px.
  • Brush Control displays the option menu now.


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Layer display and brush list display have been improved.
  • Layer can be flipped vertically/horizontally with any select tool other than rectangular.
  • Key board processing issue has been improved. (for Windows)
  • Display error while transforming a shape has been fixed.
  • Rotation Angle Bar has been added.
  • Grid per pixel can be turned off as an option.


  • A brush can be switched by left-drag.
  • A palette can be switched by left-drag.
  • The brush control has been improved.
    *Numerical entry of brush size is enabled.


  • 5 more types of layer blending mode have been added.
  • Text layer can be converted to color layer now.
  • Lasso tool is available to select in tool bar separately.


  • Canvas display at modifying layer has been improved.
  • Fine-adjustment of text size is available with a button.


  • Postcard size template has been added.
  • Output error to PSD format (1-bit layer could not be saved) has been fixed.
  • An image file can be moved by drag&drop to layer list.
  • Anti-aliasing option at adding texts has been added.


  • Eyedropper tool is available with the right button (you can revert to the default setting as well)


  • 1 bit layer has been added to the professional mode.
  • Templates for LINE Sticker has been added. *same size, double size, quadruple
  • Layer selection shortcut error has been fixed.
  • Text layer error has been fixed.
  • "Save as" performance has been improved.


  • Clipping processing error has been fixed.
  • Dpi format will be used while reading/saving the bmp/png files.
  • Performance with "Save as" function has been improved. (Windows)


  • Fingertip brush has been added.
  • The critical bug in Text tool has been fixed.
  • Curvilinear Snap has been improved.


  • The error that selected area vanishes with certain controls while using Free Transform has been fixed.
  • The default setting of Move tool has been updated.
  • The error in saving Move tool condition has been fixed.


  • Line-work extract filter has been improved.
  • Error when using the partial move tool has been fixed.
  • Occasional system crash at using ellipsoidal tools has been fixed. *for Mac
  • Error when getting a printer has been fixed. *for Windows
  • Development Environment is back to Qt4.7.4. *for Windows


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • Line-work extract filter has been added.
  • Options are available at rasterizing an image.
  • Picking a layer by clicking an image with the move tool is available.
  • Malfunction of shortcut key has been fixed. *for Mac
  • Development environment is back to Qt4.7.4. *for Mac


  • Malfunction has been fixed.


  • The development environment has been updated. (Qt4.7.4 -> Qt5.3.0)
  • The alert will be issued when you try to save a file with layers in a format that cannot maintain the layer information.
  • At saving a PNG format, you can select the transparent PNG or 24bit PNG. (used to determine by the background mode)
  • Re-sizing window got easier to handle. (Mac version)
  • Snap setting can be saved/reloaded.
  • It will be saved in a MDP file.
  • Crisscross Snap cannot be saved.
  • Numerical entry for the brush size setup is available in the Edit Brush dialogue.


  • Specifying a canvas size at creating a new canvas is available now.
    You can choose from A2 to A6 and B2 to B6.
  • Transparent mode has been added to the brush mode.
  • Foreground and transparent brush can be switched in color window.
  • You can delete drawings with the selected brush shape like using an eraser tool.
  • You can temporarily switch to the transparent brush mode by pressing down "Z" like it used to be.


  • Malfunction of the original brush cannot be used after deleted the duplicated brush has been fixed.


  • The Curve / ellipse / concentric circles snap function has been added.


  • The layerfolder function has been improved.


  • The layerfolder function has been added.


  • Quality of Blur brush is improved.
  • FireAlpaca file can be open by click on it in the Windows environment. (Windows)
  • Scale display performance by Trackpad has been improved. (Mac)


  • The Watercolor scatter brush function has been added.


  • Centimeter and inch are available when setting width and height at creating a new document.


  • Apply Free Transform by moving a vertex while holding down the Ctrl key.


  • The scatter brush function has been added.
  • Malfunctions of Text layer has been fixed.


  • The text input function has been added.


  • [Windows] - The pop-up menu will not appear by pressing the Space key while holding down the [Windows] Alt key.


  • Malfunctions of Bucket and MagicWand tools has been fixed.


  • Soft Edge and Eraser has been added.


  • Miscellaneous malfunctions has been fixed.


  • Malfunction of the Undo/Redo has been fixed.


  • Bitmap brush has been added.
  • Select the PNG image for your brush from the second icon from left in the brush window.
  • You can also add the PNG image by dropping it onto the brush window.
  • Malfunction of the menu display at Mountain Lion has been fixed.


  • Quality of Air brush and Watercolor has been improved.
  • Miscellaneous malfunctions has been fixed.


  • A soft edge has been changed to ver[1.0.30].


  • Malfunction of the Color Palette scroll bar has been fixed.
  • Malfunction of switching language in the Operating System with the English mode has been fixed.


  • Malfunction occurred in the version 1.0.31 has been fixed.
    - The improper layer window display of the 8bit layer has been fixed.
    - Malfunction of the status bar update has been fixed.
    - Malfunction of the eyedropper tool with the hue circle mode has been fixed.
    - Malfunction of the layer name display at input-from/output-to PSD format.


  • Hue circle is available when you pick a color.
  • A brush stroke after adjusting Sharpen Level has been improved.
  • A soft edge created with Watercolor brush can be trimmed now.


  • After closing the program with minimized windows, malfunctioning windows at the next start up has been fixed.
  • Stability might have been improved.


  • Malfunction of updating the navigator after changing the layer opacity has been fixed.
  • Malfunction of navigator display has been fixed.


  • More watercolor brushes haven been added.
  • The brush size can be displayed now.


  • Printing malfunction with an unobtainable printer has been fixed.
  • Usability of Layer Window has been improved.


  • (Mac) Stability has been improved.


  • Mouse Coordinate is now available in Brush Coordinate.
  • Printing functions has been improved.
  • Dialog display and its usability have been improved.


  • Printing functions have been added.
  • It is available to disable OpenMP. (from the environment setting)
    - Disabling OpenMP makes processing speed slower. (such as, refreshing a screen, applying gaussian blur, etc.)
    - If you get the forced termination frequently, disabling OpenMP may help to solve a problem.


  • Blur Brush has been added


  • Layer Blend mode has been added. (Overlay / Screen)


  • It is now available to read-in a GIF image.
  • Malfunctioning of 8bit layer rotation has been corrected.


  • [Professional mode] has been added. (switching from the environment setting )
    - The 8bit layer can be added in the professional mode.
    - The 8bit layer handles opacity only, so that it is light and suitable to line drawings.
    - Color layer and 8bit layer can be switched.
  • Status bar can be hidden.
  • Malfunctioning Clipboard has been corrected.
  • Layer window can be scrolled up-and-down by a scroll wheel of mouse.
  • Brush window can be scrolled up-and-down by a scroll wheel of mouse.


  • Stability has been improved.


  • Malfunction of shortcut has been fixed.
  • (Mac) Leopard(10.5) Support.


  • Stability has been improved.


  • The program is now available in 9 languages.
  • 9 Languages : English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified,Traditional),
    Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Russian
  • Malfunction of rounded rectangle selection has been corrected.


  • Malfunction of read-in image has been corrected.


  • Stability has been improved.


  • The crash report function has been added.


  • ( Windows ) Malfunction of PSD Format has been fixed.


  • Malfunction of shortcut has been fixed.


  • "ShiftJIS format layer name" is available in PSD format.
  • An option is added to Smooth Drag function. (Environment Setting)


  • Color palette function has been added.


  • ( Mac ) Malfunction of mouse control on tool bar has been corrected.


  • ( Windows ) Malfunction of jpeg file has been fixed.
  • ( Mac ) The menu display has been corrected.


  • We added a warning message that will appear when you fail to save an image.
  • Several malfunctions have been fixed.


  • We corrected the mistake in menu.


  • Malfunction of resolution dialogue box has been fixed.
  • Switching the language option ( to Japanese ) became available.


  • Expansion/contraction tools to selected area became available.
  • Several malfunctions have been fixed.


  • First Release
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