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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1.When I draw with brush tool, the drawing starts offset from the actual position. Is there any way to fix this?
A1.We have received the reports from users that this glitch sometimes happens depending on the pen tablet type or driver version.
There is a limitation in improving the condition on the software developer end, therefore it will be extremely helpful if users contact the pen tablet manufacturers to provide further information to FireAlpaca. It will increase a chance to resolve the fundamental issues.
Each user's cooperation will become the most powerful driving force.
We truly appreciate your cooperation and participation.
Q2.What will be the cause of the file saving failure?
A2.First of all, please make sure that there is sufficient available disk capacity to save a file. In order to work on your drawing smoothly, maintaining at least a few GB available disk capacity is optimum.
Also for Windows users, there is a possibility that software (DDL) creating thumbnail images of a MDP file causes the contest.
If MediBangPaint is installed in your PC, there is a high possibility to cause the file contest, which means that you will not be able to overwrite a file. Therefore please check any performance issues under the condition of only FireAlpaca being installed in your PC.
Q3.It says "Invalid MDP file". Can I recover the file?
A3.The file may not be recovered, however there is a possibility that the backup file is saved under Help menu > "Open Config Folder" > "Autosave_backup" folder.
Q4.The window, such as color palette window or brush window, disappeared.
A4.You can show/hide each window from the main menu under "Window". By selecting "Initialize", it will revert to the default setting.
Q5.I cannot draw anything.
A5.Go to "File" > "New" to create a canvas.