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Fill with Bucket Tool

You may use "Bucket Tool" often to fill with a color.

Once you select "Bucket Tool", the upper part of screen will change to the tool option. There are three options; "Reference", "AntiAliasing", and "Expand".

Diagram:Bucket Tool for filling with color and its options
Diagram:Bucket Tool for filling with color and its options


"Reference" option will let you choose "Canvas" or "Layer". It means which you want to reference to when filling with a color.

Diagram:Reference option; Canvas or Layer
Diagram:Reference option; "Canvas" or "Layer"
  • "Canvas" lets you fill the entire image shown in canvas.
  • "Layer" lets you fill the selected layer only.

An example image will help you understand the difference. "Linework" layer contains linework only, and there is nothing drawn on "Hair" layer. Select "Hair" layer and try to fill the hair portion.

Diagram:Difference between
Diagram:Difference between "Canvas" fill and "Layer" fill options

"Canvas" option filled only the hair portion, but "Layer" filled the entire layer.


This is whether turning "AntiAliasing" ON or OFF.

It is recommended to turn ON normally (being checked).

Diagram:Comparison of AntiAliasing ON/OFF
Diagram:Comparison of AntiAliasing ON/OFF


It expands the specified area and fills it up.

You can choose the numbers of pixels from "0, 1, 2, 3". "0" indicates no expansion, "1, 2, 3" indicates the numbers of pixels to expand.

The typical usage of "Expand" is to place a color on linework. Filling with the expansion "0" may not fully fill with a color and may leave unfilled areas. But filling with "Expand" will fully fill with a color.

Diagram:Comparison of Expand Fill ON/OFF
Diagram:Comparison of Expand Fill ON/OFF

"Expand 1" was suitable to the above example image, but it depends on an illustration. So try Expand Fill and adjust the numbers of pixels to work best for illustration.

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